Ways To Conceive A Girl
Medical Or Natural?

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There are 3 main ways to conceive a girl. The first involves clinics, consultants, hormones, invasive procedures and a very expensive bill at the end. That's your basic medically assisted gender selection methods.

The second is natural gender selection, this includes looking at and studying your menstrual cycle, and making subtle changes to a few aspects in your life. Your diet, your timing of intercourse, sexual positions that you use and so on.

The third of the ways to conceive a girl is to just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Trying to conceive a girl - The odds of success

Let's go in reverse order! Crossing your fingers, you have a 50 - 50 chance of having a baby girl! Just Mother Nature doing her thing, So... moving on!

Keep it natural!

Next is trying to conceive a girl through natural gender methods. This is a totally natural, non invasive method that puts you in control of your future. Natural gender selection has a success rate of 60% to as high as 94% that some methods claim. When looking for ways to conceive a girl more couples are turning to natural gender selection. It may mean a few changes to your lifestyle, and analyzing the things you eat. Observing your body and learning about the signals that it gives out at certain times in your cycle. You can help Mother Nature to lean in a certain direction when you're trying to conceive a girl.

By learning when you will ovulate, and also the two different types of sperm, you are arming yourself with the knowledge that could help tip the scales in favor of you conceiving a girl. There is quite a bit to to take in, including which foods to eat that will slightly alter your body's pH level, and what sexual position is best when trying to conceive a girl. All these little jigsaw like pieces will fit together to show you the one big picture.

Do find out all the info that you can, and try not to leave anything to chance. Two books that are highly recommended in natural gender selection are:

prince or princess ebook
'Prince or princess' by Alicia Pennington

Alicia Pennington planned her family through her very own researched and documented selection plan. She wrote her book 'Prince or Princess' to give other couples a head start in the gender selection race. Click Here to find out more.

ashley spencer gender selection ebook

'How to choose the gender of your baby' by Ashley Spencer

And my favourite of all of the gender selection books is this one.

Ashley Spencer is now a well known name in natural gender selection. After giving birth to 3 little boys, she knew that she had to find a way to give her husband the daughter that they so desperately wanted - and that's exactly what she did. Click Here to read Ashleys story. Ashley reveals her amazing action plan clearly in this 45 page no nonsense book. She will give you clear but simple instructions to help you learn the ways to conceive a girl.

Ways to conceive a girl - The wonders of modern medicine!

If you can afford to use medical methods and it is legal in your country and religion, then you would have maybe a 65% to 100% chance of success. Only one medical method will guarantee a girl 100% and that method is PGD. Now PGD will make sure that your baby Definitely is a little girl, but the down side to this process is that it uses IVF - In vitro fertilisation which only gives an approximate pregnancy success rate of 40% to 50%! Not so good after all. So basically you can have that little girl that you're so desperate for, but only if you can get pregnant!

Other medical methods include Microsort, sorting sperm to make sure only the X chromosome ones will fertilize your egg. The sperm is normally sorted in a clinic on the morning that you will ovulate, and then AI - artificial insemination is used to get the sperm into the womans body. This does give a margin for error of around 10% to 25%! Not good when you pair it with the invasive procedure of AI.

The Ericsson method works on the same kind of principal as sperm sorting/spinning, but the sperm are placed into a test tube and have to swim through a certain substance. This works on the theory that the fastest swimmers will make it to the bottom (this uses the same sperm characteristics used in natural gender selection) The fastest swimmers are the boy sperm. So boys to the bottom, girls to the top! Again sperm is placed into the mother to be via AI. With a 70 to 75 per cent chance of success when trying to conceive a girl.

My advice would be, if you would be really upset if the gender selection did not work when your trying to conceive a girl,then don't do it! But if you just want to try and influence the sex of your next baby, but don't really mind if it doesn't 'turn out right', then go for the natural methods!

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