Here's A List Of Things A New Baby Needs - How Much Stuff!

When you know you're pregnant, it's hard to think of a list of things a new baby needs. You will start really well, and then there will always be something you forget.So to get you started, have a look at this...

What to buy for a new baby

Baby Clothes

  • Baby vests and sleep suits. I would be tempted to buy at least half a dozen of each, unless you want to be continually washing.
  • A few basic baby clothes.
  • Cardigans or light jackets for extra warmth.
  • Scratch mitts and socks.
  • Hats for trips outside.
  • If it's winter then maybe you will need one of those all in one snow suits.
  • Nappies, either terry or disposables, if you're using terry then don't forget those plastic top pants.
  • Bibs and burp cloths. These will save your clothes and his clothes, from the need to be changed every couple of hours!

Baby care items - Things a new baby needs for bath times!

Lets have a quick look at what you need for a baby toiletry wise.

  • No tears bubble bath
  • No tears shampoo, I just love the Johnsons range of baby care products, that's how a baby should smell :-)
  • Sudocrem or nappy cream, for those sore little botties!
  • Baby wipes.
  • Cotton wool.
  • Baby lotion or some form of baby moisturiser. After your baby is first born he may get very dry skin.
  • Baby nail clippers.
  • Soothers, dummies, pacifiers.
  • Gripe water although this can't be used until after one month of age.
  • Infacol, just in case your baby has colic (you don't want to be racing down to Tesco's at midnight like my poor hubby had to!)
  • Nappy sacks, preferably fragranced ;-)
  • Baby powder, use sparingly you don't want your baby inhaling powder. Some professionals recommend not to use powder.
  • Changing mat, one of those wipe clean plastic ones.

What You Need For a New Baby - The Big Stuff!

Let's see what furniture you'll need for your new baby. Some of these are optional so don't think you have to go out and buy it all.

  • Moses basket, crib, swinging crib.
  • Cot or cot bed.
  • A mobile or toy to hang over the cot, maybe musical to help baby drift off to sleep.
  • Sheets and blankets, please check the size that you will need and buy accordingly.
  • A baby monitor if you intend to put baby in another room, you'll be able to hear if he needs you.
  • Soft Towels or a baby robe.
  • Baby bath.
  • High chair.
  • Pram, pushchair, stroller.
  • Bouncy chair (helps to soothe and relax a niggly baby, vibrating ones are even better!)
  • Car seat.

Things a New Baby Needs for Feeding Time

These things depend on whether you are breastfeeding or not, but most of them are still handy to have around incase you can't breastfeed at any time.

  • Bottles, there are a vast variety available, have a good look around and ask the store people advice on which are the best.
  • Spare teats.
  • Bottle warmer, much safer than the microwave which can leave 'hotspots' in the milk.
  • Breast pump, if you intend to breastfeed this will come in handy if baby stays with the grandparents for the night.
  • Sterilizer, either steam or cold water. If you choose cold water sterilizing then you'll need sterilizing fluid.
  • Bottle brush, buy a few because in my experience they don't last for long.
  • Formula milk, either powder or ready made.

And for when baby gets a little older you will need:

  • Feeding bowls, plastic ones of course, he may spend more time throwing them than eating from them!
  • Weaning spoons, plastic again.
  • Drinking cups with spouts, or beakers.

What About Mum?

Ok, that takes care of the things a new baby needs, but what do you need to buy for yourself.

  • Maternity clothes.
  • Nursing bra's
  • Tens machine if you intend to use one for the birth. These can be purchased or rented. Just get it in plenty of time incase baby arrives early!
  • Disposable briefs for the birth.
  • Sanitary towels for after the birth, plenty of them and super absorbent are best.
  • Breast pads (they do tend to leak at the worst possible times!)

While you're making a list of 'things to buy for baby', have a look on this page and see what you need for your hospital stay when you have your baby! Baby birth essentials! You might as well stock up while you're shopping! ;)

Oh and just one last tip for the things a new baby needs... Lots of love, plenty of hugs and a little TLC :-)

Well hopefully you are all set, or will be soon. And I'm only human :-) So if you can think of any more things a new baby needs, please use the contact form to let me know.

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