Natural Gender Selection
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Is natural gender selection a real option?...

A lot of people that are desperate to chose the gender of their next baby, don't even realise that there are other methods besides medical procedures.

Whatever the reason for wanting to pick the sex of your next baby, if you can't afford thousands of dollars, you may give up hope of having another baby altogether. But there really is no need. Firstly you have to understand that no method can guarantee 100% the sex of your child. One medical method is fairly close to 100%, but really will cost you an arm and a leg. The rest tail along at around 75% to 90% accurate.

Some natural methods of choosing the sex of your yet to be conceived baby, have been around for thousands of years. The Chinese conception calendar is one such method, although research shows that it could be just as good as 'flipping a coin'!

Other natural gender selection methods have a very impressive success rate of around 90% to 95%, gaining rave reviews from parents who are delivering babies with the gender of their preferred choice!

Natural gender selection methods

  • One form of natural gender selection (the Shettles method) which has been around for many years with varied success rates, relies on the speed that the male/female sperm travel at. With male travelling faster, if you want a boy, you should have sex around 12 hours before ovulation. If you want a girl, then you should have sex a few days before ovulation.
  • Other methods of gender selection, include the gender selection diet, this alters PH levels in the body.
  • Douching, either with acid or alkaline solutions. This method has been frowned upon by the medical profession as douching can cause infections.

Natural scientific methods have been proven to work with some quite staggering results, most are claimed to be more accurate than the more expensive medical methods.

Below you can read the stories of two women who were desperate for a selected gender baby. The outcome for both was quite amazing.

New natural gender selection method

ashley spencer gender selection ebook

Ashley Spencer was once in the horrible position of wanting to give her husband a baby girl. With 3 little boys and desperate to have the baby of her dreams, Ashley studied every (natural) scientific gender selection method she could find. She drilled down into all of the information, sorted the good from the bad, tidied it up and produced her very own gender selection method that has just 3 easy steps. Tried and tested by herself (the first positive result - Ashley conceived the little girl she was desperate for), and nearly 100 of her own friends and family members. Ashley's method has over a 94% success rate, and is highly recommended.

After charging hundreds of dollars at seminars, Ashley realized it would be a lot less time consuming, and she would be able to reach a higher amount of women if she put her plan into a book. (Not everyone could afford to attend a gender selection seminar)

Click Here to see Ashley's story and learn more.

Alicia Pennington was a midwife for 12 years and is also a Mother who planned her family step by step. She wanted a daughter first and a son second, and that's exactly what she got!

In Alicia's own words: "My husband and I had specifically wanted a daughter first and then a boy. Today, I am able to live my dream due to effective natural methods of gender selection which I have discovered and I am here to share with you on how you too can plan your baby's gender like we did and enjoy a lifetime of completeness."

Now that has to be worth a quick look! Click Here to read more from Alicia Pennington.

I wish you every success with conceiving the baby of your dreams, boy or girl, it doesn't hurt to have a little hope - and a good set of instructions!

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