Getting Pregnant With Clomid

Some women seem to think that getting pregnant with clomid is a definite answer to their prayers. As it happens, Clomid doesn't help you to get pregnant. What it does do, is trick your body into ovulating, increasing your chances of conception. After all, if there's no egg, there can be no baby.Clomid (also known as Clomiphene) can help with conception if you don't ovulate, or if ovulation is irregular.

Getting pregnant with clomid - The finer details

Clomid contains an ingredient called clomifene citrate. This is an anti oestrogen drug, and this is what tricks your body. It makes two of your hormone levels go up, which in turn stimulates the ovaries to get your eggs ready.

When the course of Clomid ends, your body will release LH (Luteinising hormone) Your ovaries pick up on this, and release a mature egg, sending it to the fallopian tubes. This is when you then do your bit (have sex!)

Clomid conception treatment

Getting pregnant with Clomid isn't a cut and dried process. Some women I have spoken to say that it's heart wrenching time, and there is no guarantee of pregnancy at the end.

The course of clomid is normally started early in your menstrual cycle. Day 2 to day 5, your doctor will give you all the details. You will take clomid for around 5 days, then a week or so later you should ovulate. Your doctor should monitor your progress, and may use an ultrasound to see if your ovaries are working correctly and preparing your eggs.

Once you start taking clomid, regular ovulation could take a couple of months to settle down. Your treatment could last up to 12 months as some experts say that your chances of having regular ovulation could take this long.

If there are no signs of pregnancy after 6 to 12 months, your doctor may look at other options of treatment with you.

If you have PCOS (poltcystic ovary syndrome) You might not get pregnant with clomid. Up to 40% of women with PCOS find that their body is resistant to the drug. You have a higher chance of this happening if you are overweight, and your doctor my recommend that you try and lose a little weight, before starting treatment.

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