The Ericsson Method
Of Gender Selection

The Ericsson method is a medically assisted gender selection technique.

One of the very few that are still quite widely available in the US and several other countries around the world, where most methods of gender selection have been banned.

The Ericsson (albumin) method has been used since around the mid 1970's and was pioneered and patented by Dr. Ronald Ericsson. Although Dr. Ericsson still maintains that his procedure has very significant positive results, many experts disagree with his procedure to select the gender of a child.

Ericsson method procedure details

The whole procedure is carried out on the day that the mother is expected to ovulate. So careful tracking of the monthly cycle is highly advisable.

On the morning of expected ovulation, the mother and father will go to an Ericsson clinic where the father will then provide a sample of semen. This method relies on the fact that male and female sperm act in totally different ways. Male sperm are faster swimmers, but although the females are slower they are much more resiliant and should live for longer.

The sperm are placed into a test tube along with a substance called albumin in increasingly thickened layers. The sperm will then swim their way down through the different layers. Working on the principle that only the fastest sperm will make it to the bottom.

The selected sperm is then artificially inseminated into the mother where conception should hopefully take place.

If the parents have chosen to have a baby girl, the mother will also take clomid to aid the process of conceiving a female gender baby.

The success rates of the Ericsson (albumin) method are more favourable for parents wanting to conceive a boy, with the success rate reaching around 75%. Whereas parents wanting a girl may find a success rate of around 70-72%.

This is one the lower end medically assisted gender selection techniques and therefor this is reflected in the price. There is no costly IVF procedure to pay for. So if you're willing to take a chance that you may be in the 25% of parents who get the wrong sex when your baby is born, then this method may be for you.

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