Colic Symptoms
How To Tell If Your Baby Has Colic

Colic symptoms should be easy to spot in your baby. If your baby is doing an unusual high pitched cry, if she has a high temperature, or anything else that worries you, do take her to your GP straight away.

Colic symptoms

If you think your baby may have colic you might notice,

  • Crying that can last for several hours.
  • The crying may stop when you pick your baby up, try holding her in different positions. Some positions will make the crying stop, others will make it worse.
  • A baby with colic may bring her legs up to her tummy, and then stretch out like she is trying to get rid of cramp.
  • She may clench her hands.
  • You baby's crying may start late afternoon to early evening, and be continual throughout the evening.
  • Your baby may get a very red face.
  • She may become very fussy before or after her feed.
  • If your baby has colic she might pass a lot of wind.
  • Your baby will have difficulty going to sleep, and if she does manage to get to sleep, it probably won't last for very long.

Both of my babies suffered from colic, and it was a complete nightmare. Everything I read about it said it should stop by 6-8 months... it didn't! It created tension within the family, and it left me feeling tired, frustrated, and a like a bad mother!

My son, Joe started with crying fits at about 5 days old. I had given him his last feed at 10pm, settled him in his moses basket next to my bed, and tried to go to sleep, 15 minutes later the crying started. It lasted until the early hours of the morning!unfortunately I knew nothing about colic symptoms.

I was horrified, what was wrong with my baby? the next day I phoned my midwife, who offered an explanation... colic. She said colic in babies was a very real problem and I could get something for it called, Infacol. So at midnight the following night, after another 2 hours of solid crying I sent my husband down to the 24 hour supermarket to get some.

Each baby with colic can have different symptoms. My son had it until he was over 12 months old. I took him to my doctor who tried to explain that it is a build up of gas (wind) in the stomach, that causes mild to moderate discomfort. My daughter also had it until about 9 months, although she was easier to calm.

Let's take a quick look at some colic remedies.

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