Baby Development Milestone
The First Month

Newborn to 4 weeks

This is the first baby development milestone of many! Don't wish it away so you can get onto the next. Baby may not do much at the minute, but savour this precious time when your baby has only just been born. Show her off to the whole world, and enjoy her company.

Baby milestone - The first month

Babies in the first month will cry alot. She just has to settle in, and settle down. Don't think this carries on forever. Everything is new to her, from being outside the uterus rather than inside, to hearing things in a different way. Give her chance to get used to her surroundings, and plenty of love and comfort along the way.

Even at this very early age, your baby will know your voice. In a room full of people, she could pick you out just from hearing those special tones that tell her "That's my Mummy!"

Although don't expect her to look across the room and see that it's you, not just yet anyway. Her eyes can only focus very short distances for now. Normally around 8 or 10 inches away from her face, which is just perfect when you cradle her in your arms.

The first week in baby's new life is normally a sleepy one! She may seem like all she is doing is eating and sleeping (and pooping!), this is quite normal in the newborn baby milestone. Being born isn't something that happens to her everyday! and it quite tired her out. Make the most of these lazy first few days, take a nap when she does, she'll soon start to be more alert and more awake (and more demanding!)

Her body and little tiny hands may seem like they're all tightly clenched up, this can be normal. Think of the last 9 months that she has spent curled up in your uterus, this is all that she knows at the minute. Her muscles will start to relax in the coming weeks and you will see her start to stretch out more. For now though this curled position is comforting to her.

If you are placing baby on her tummy for some well needed 'Tummy time' You can start this at about 2 weeks. Some parents prefer to leave it a little bit later. But then by approx 3 weeks you may notice that she can just lift her head off the floor. She will only do it for a second, but she's learning.

At this early age its good to spend time just holding and talking to your baby. She loves the sound of your voice, and these sorts of times are very special for her.

By the end of this first month your baby may be giving quick little smiles in her sleep, this is just like practising for the real thing.She may be starting to make coo-ing sounds, and she will love it when she manages to do it!

So those first few weeks and the first baby development milestone went fast didn't they. I hope you got plenty of photos and video, a baby development milestone will only happen once, so make sure you have captured it!

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