Baby Colic Remedy
A Few Ways To Ease Colic Pain

A good baby colic remedy is something that all parents with a colicky baby should know about. There are lots of things that you can do when baby has colic. From herbal over the counter remedies, to things that you can do with your baby to ease the symptoms.

Just remember to give plenty of love and comfort too. Colic is very upsetting for your baby, and you too when you can't stop him from crying.

Baby colic remedies

These are few tips that can help with colic in a baby. I tried all of these remedies with both of my babies. Some worked better than others, the idea is to just keep trying until you find one that works for your baby. And then whatever it is - keep that baby colic remedy close at hand!

  • For Lauren I would put her in her pram, and dance with the pram to some music... you can laugh, but for my daughter this did the trick!
  • Joe was a different story. I had various techniques that I used with Joe to lessen his symptoms. Having your baby in a sling and wearing him close to your body, can comfort him, and also gently relieve any trapped wind, this is a fasntastic baby colic remedy.
  • When Joe had a really bad night, I would sometimes run a warm bath for him, within minutes of putting him into the bath, the crying would subside and he would settle into a peaceful sleep.
  • Do make sure you wind your baby properly after each feed. We all know how bad trapped wind can feel, and at such an early age your baby cannot bring up wind all by himself. So even if this takes an extra half an hour on top of the feed, wind him properly!
  • Try all different positions for winding your baby. My health visitor was wonderful with demonstrations for this. A good one that we found was to lie your baby over your knee, making sure the head is supported and then rub his back. If you need help with this don't be afraid to ask your health carer on her next visit.

A new technique that guarantee's to help with your baby's colic!

colic remedy ebook

I have recently been made aware of a new technique to help parents of baby's who suffer with colic. I wish this was available when my children were babies. It's one of the best baby colic remedy systems available!

The baby Bowen technique is a very simple, safe and effective method for relieving discomfort in babies.

Baby Bowen consists of 5 easy pairs of moves, it is not baby massage or manipulation but a calming way to rebalance your baby's nervous system. Helping to relieve trapped wind, colic, and indigestion. Improves baby's sleep, and immune system. Click Here to read more about 'Baby Bowen'

Over the counter baby colic remedy

You can get medicinal help too, Some of it is a little more expensive than others. So don't stock up until you know which one works for your baby. Remember to always read the label, and consult your pharmacist.

  • Infacol is a totally natural medicine that you can give to your baby before a feed, it has a special (synthetic) ingredient that supposedly binds all the gas together to make it easier to bring up when you wind your baby. Best of all it can be used from birth. So if you think your baby may have colic, try Infacol - natural baby colic relief.
  • Gripe water, unfortunately for me I didn't realize the benefits of gripe water until Joe was well over 10 months old. I always thought it was something that the older generation used to use (sorry Mum!) When I did try it, I was amazed. Instant winding satisfaction :-) It can be given before or after the feed, and it really does make winding your baby so much easier. Down side is that it can't be used until your baby is one month old. All in all, great relief for colic baby.
  • Another 'over the counter' baby colic remedy is called Colief. I found this very expensive at £9.99 a bottle, and this has to be mixed with milk and left to settle. Also if you make several bottles at the beginning of the day like I did, Colief cannot be in the milk for more than 12 hours. To be honest I found this all very tricky, and didn't actually see a vast improvement. Then again a friend of mine who used it, swore by try different things, what doesn't work for one baby, may work for another.

If you think your baby may be suffering from colic, do see your doctor or check with your health visitor for advice first. But remember there are ways to ease the discomfort that your baby is feeling. And just because he cries, it doesn't mean you are a bad mother! If you're trying your hardest to help with a colicky baby, then there really isn't much more that you can do... and they do grow out of it, eventually!

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