To New Baby And Beyond

Why Doesn't a new baby come complete with instructions?!

Well if they did, every instruction book would have to be different... as no two newborn babies are the same, and no two babies will act, develop or behave in the same way.

Whether you already have a newborn baby, you're pregnant or maybe you're just thinking about starting a family, there's a lot to take in!

Here you can find advice on conception and pregnancy, and hints and tips from a mothers perspective - that's me! ;) to help you and your baby settle in to a fun and stress free life together. Let me be that instruction book that was missing in your parenting package! :)

I'm Julie, mum of two, and I would like to use my experiences with my babies to help you settle in with yours. Let's face it, babies are sweet and cute, and you just want to cuddle them, but they're not the easiest of things to understand! Your new baby could have you crying with delight one minute, and ripping your hair out the next. Why is she crying? Why won't she sleep? The questions are endless!Hopefully this is where I can help you find the answers. I have written my site for Mums, wanna-be-Mums and Mums-to-be, A few tips and a little friendly advice right from day one, and beyond to toddlerhood!, now what fun that is :-)

I won't hold back, I will tell you the good and the bad, about everything! And I'll tell you in a way that's easy to understand, no fancy words or impossible scenario's. From sleep problems and breast feeding to what to expect in pregnancy and birth! Ouch! Yes it does hurt, although like people told me... You soon forget.

I want to share with you, some of the obstacles I've overcome, and give you a few tips on some very common problems that can arise in this wonderful time in your life. So from one parent to another, grab a cuppa, have a good look around and find some answers to your most important questions.

Remember, your new baby is a miracle of life, you've worked hard to get this far. You will go through phases that you can't wait to be over, and you'll have moments that you will want to treasure forever. So sit back, relax and let's get started... From one Mum, to another! ;)

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